I’ve been creating things professionally for the web for 23 years, having worked on a variety of projects from my very first Geocities personal pages to a redesign of Barack Obama’s website.

Currently, I lead the small but mighty Front-End Engineering team at Healthvana, a startup that connects people to their healthcare providers and helps them make well-informed health decisions.

In addition to building out apps and sites for clients, I occasionally work on side projects, give talks, and create curricula.

Things I excel at

  • Architecting solutions that perfectly fit the requisitioning team and their available resources
  • Communicating across teams with stakeholders of varying levels of technical acumen
  • Balancing practicality with code cleanliness, reusability and style to make sure products ship on time without causing developer burnout
  • Breaking down complex concepts into easy to understand presentations and lessons
  • Making Google Apps Script do amazing things, like act as a database and CMS all in one
  • Working remotely, and in specific, knowing when to switch from asynchronous communication like Slack or E-mail to a call to clear up confusion and get things moving
  • Having apprope memes and emojis ready for the group chat at a moment’s notice

Tech I reach for on the regular

Tools I couldn’t live without


  • Advanced HTML 5 & CSS 3 for Girl Develop it, 2016


  • SVG & Canvas at Chicago HTML5 Meetup
  • Taming the Jira Monster, Internal Presentation
  • React Error Boundaries, Internal Presentation