About me

Howdy! I’m Ian Evanoff. My pronouns are he/him.

I live in Chicago, IL. I’m a Front-End Engineer, which basically means I make things with Javascript, CSS, HTML.

I have a rescue dog and cat, who are both extremely pushy. My husband and I mostly communicate via Homestar Runner references and Patton Oswalt bits.

I have a theatre degree, and I enjoy being onstage. Right now, that’s mostly in the form of participating in Chicago’s awesome storytelling review shows like 20x2.

And—though you’d be forgiven for not thinking so based on this rather meandering bio—I enjoy writing (essays and short fiction forthcoming).

I enjoy single malt whisk(e)y, getting up early to ride all the rides at Disneyland right when the park opens and having a cupcake for breakfast after, and social justice.

Social links

Favorite Foods

  • A Giordano’s pie, pretty much any toppings
  • Sweet corn pierogis from Girl and the Goat
  • Homemade biscuits and gravy

Some Favorite Charities / Activism Orgs